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      Friday, February 23, 2018

The Revenue Division has prepared a number of bulletins to help explain how the Provincial Sales Tax applies in specific situations. To download and subscribe to these bulletins, follow these links to the Saskatchewan Publications Centre.

Information Notices


The following information notices have been added to explain the changes announced in the 2017-18 Budget

IN 2017-01 PST Rate Transition Rules
IN 2017-02 PST on Services to Real Property
IN 2017-03 PST on Restaurant Meals, Food, and Beverages
IN 2017-04 Elimination of PST Remission on Permanently Mounted Equipment
IN 2017-05 PST on Vehicle and Trade-In Allowances
IN 2017-06 Elimination of PST Exemption on Children’s Clothing and Footwear
IN 2017-07 PST on Insurance Premiums
IN 2017-08 Changes to Licensed Vendor and Consumer Numbers and the Verification Process to Sell Tax Free For Resale
IN 2017-09 Requirement to Collect PST at Craft and Trade Shows
IN 2017-10 Information For Businesses Operating in Lloydminster, Saskatchewan – PST & LCT
IN 2017-15 Elimination Of Commission Allowance On Tax Collections
IN 2017-17 Land Development and Residential and Commercial Construction- Application of PST and Transition Rules
  Previous information notices
IN 2016-03 Relief on Flooding
IN 2016-01 Provincial Sales Tax - The Supreme Court of Canada Ruling Regarding Métis and Non-Status Indians
IN 2015-03 Provincial Sales Tax (PST) Exemption - Feminine Hygiene Products
IN 2015-02 Non-Resident Vendors - Provincial Sales Tax (PST) Registration
IN 2015-01 Indian Residential School Settlement Agreement (IRSSA) - Clarification Regarding the Application of PST to Legal Fees
IN 2013-03 PST Outreach Reviews
IN 2013-02 Provincial Sales Tax Lease Fuel Allowance for Natural Gas Producers
IN 2011-01 Temporary Confirmation of Indian Status

The tax bulletins highlighted in green below have been updated to reflect the changes announced in the 2017-18 Budget

PST-2 Grocery, Convenience & Drug Stores 
PST-3 Movie & Film Production Industry 
PST-4 Beekeeping Supply Dealers 
PST-5 General Information 
PST-6 Extended Warranty & Maintenance Contracts 
PST-7  Computer Hardware, Software & Computer Services 
PST-8 Telecommunications 
PST-9  Books & Magazines 
PST-10 Ready Mix Delivery Rates 
PST-11 Mobile, Modular and Ready-to-Move Homes 
PST-12 Services to Real Property
PST-13 Petroleum Drilling & Well Servicing Contractors 
PST-14 Oil & Gas Producers 
PST-15 Service Stations & Automotive Repair Shops 
PST-16 Farm Implement & Farm Supply Dealers 
PST-17 Hardware and Building Supply Stores 
PST-18 Motor Dealers & Leasing Companies 
PST-19 Newspaper Publishers 
PST-20 Printers 
PST-21 Manufacturers 
PST-22 Commercial Refrigeration Vendors and Contractors
PST-23 Florists & Garden Centers
PST-24 Realtors 
PST-25 Photographs & Photo Finishers 
PST-26 Veterinarians 
PST-27 Boards of Education 
PST-28 Asphalt Paving Contractors and Suppliers of Asphalt Paving Mixtures 
PST-29 Autobody Shops 
PST-30 Alfalfa Leaf Cutting Bee Supplies and Equipment  
PST-31 Tourist Outfitters, Vacation Farms and Bed and Breakfast Facilities  
PST-32 Antiques, Stamps, Coins, Paper Money and Precious Metals
PST-33 Restaurants, Caterers and Other Businesses Selling Prepared Food and Beverage  
PST-34 Fish Farms 
PST-36 Beauty Salons & Barber Shops 
PST-37 Manufactured Cost of Goods Produced for Own Consumption 
PST-38 Non-Resident Real Property and Service Contractors 
PST-39 Direct Agents  
PST-40 Dental Services  
PST-41 Cities, Towns & Municipalities 
PST-42 Medical Equipment & Supplies 
PST-43 Industrial & Construction Equipment Dealers & Supplies 
PST-44 Optometrists  
PST-45 Chiropractors  
PST-46 Service Enterprises 
PST-47 Lodging Services 
PST-48 Recreation Vehicle Dealers  


Non-Resident Vendors Supplying and Installing Tangible Personal Property 
PST-50 Interjurisdictional Carriers  
PST-52 Funeral Homes and Funeral Home Suppliers 
PST-53 Launderers and Drycleaners  
PST-54 Security & Investigation Services  
PST-55 Credit Reporting Agencies & Collection Agencies  
PST-56 Aircraft  
PST-57 Repair and Installation Services  
PST-58 Taxation of Used Goods 
PST-59 Mining Industry  
PST-60 Transfer of Business Assets 
PST-61 Commercial Building Cleaning Services  
PST-62 Accounting Services  
PST-63 Sales to First Nations Individuals and Organizations 
PST-64 Legal Services  
PST-65 Engineering Services  
PST-66 Employment Placement Services  
PST-67 Advertising Services  
PST-68 Auctioneers 
PST-69 PST Exemption on New Energy-Efficient Household Appliances  
PST-70 PST Exemption on New Energy Star® Qualified Furnaces, Boilers and Heat Pumps 
PST-71 Sand, Gravel, Crushed/Screened Bases and Decorative Rock 
PST-72 Rental Businesses
PST-73 Vendors of Insurance Contracts

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