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      Friday, February 23, 2018

The Government of Saskatchewan is committed to building on Saskatchewan’s foundational strengths, investing in needed infrastructure and in vital programs and services for the people of our province. The Government has made a simple yet significant commitment – to Keep Saskatchewan Strong. This year marks the beginning of a government-wide exercise of transformational change to ensure the sustainability of high quality public services delivered in the most effective, efficient way possible.
This focus will advance Government toward the realization of Saskatchewan’s Vision and goals.

Saskatchewans Vision

to be the best place in Canada to live, to work, to start a business, to get an education, to raise a family and to build a life. 

Sustaining growth and opportunities for Saskatchewan people

Meeting the challenges of growth

Securing a better quality of life for all Saskatchewan people

Delivering responsive and responsible government

Saskatchewan’s Vision and goals provide the framework for ministries, agencies and third parties to align their programs and services and meet the needs of Saskatchewan’s residents.
All ministries and agencies will report on progress in their 2016-17 annual reports.


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