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        Wednesday, May 25, 2016

To download these forms, follow these links to the Saskatchewan Publications Centre.

To claim a refund of the Provincial Sales Tax paid on qualifying used light vehicles download this form.

Download this guide for information on applying for a refund of tax paid on an eligible used light vehicle.

To register a business or individual for the purpose of collecting Provincial Sales Tax and remitting the tax

To remit tax payable on the purchase of new or used business assets acquired in connection with the start of business in Saskatchewan.

Download this guide for information to complete the Business Declaration Form.

To report tax collected or payable by businesses or individuals not licenced or registered

To be used by sub-contractors in order to authorize the issuance of contract clearances directly to the general contractor or the principal

To enable a non-resident or Indian to purchase a vehicle exempt from tax
To report and remit tax collected and payable
Can also be filled in and submitted online using Electronic Tax Services

This accompanies the PST Return.

Allows clothing and footwear purchased for children to be purchased exempt of Provincial Sales Tax even though the clothing or footwear exceeds the prescribed sizes for the tax exemption

This is a supplementary worksheet for the PST Tax Return.

This accompanies the PST Worksheet Supplement.

To be used by non-resident contractors to request a clearance for supply and install work performed in the province.

To assist non-resident contractors with providing the required information and calculating the tax due for contract work performed in the province.

To be used by businesses to remit outstanding PST, as established through an Outreach Review.

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The Provincial Sales Tax is a 5% sales tax which applies to the purchase, importation, or rental of certain goods and services. Businesses that sell taxable goods or services in the Province are required to obtain a Provincial Sales Tax vendor's licence. 

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