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      Friday, February 27, 2015
The Saskatchewan Advantage

The Ministry of Finance leads Saskatchewan's accountability system for the Government of Saskatchewan.  Every year, research is done on best practices and guidelines are provided to assist Ministries and agencies as they improve planning, measuring and reporting practices.  Ministries follow a systematic approach of releasing plans with the budget and reporting on results achieved at the end of the year.  Finance ensures ministries meet government's expectations for thorough and accurate reporting on commitments which increases transparency and accountability to the people of Saskatchewan. 

The Government remains committed to further establishing Saskatchewan as the best place to live, work and raise a family. 

The Saskatchewan Plan for Growth - Vision 2020 and Beyond identifies principles, goals and actions to ensure Saskatchewan continues to benefit from the opportunities and meet the challenges of a growing province.  Keeping Government's focus on Steady Growth, the plan outlines the key activities that the Government of Saskatchewan will undertake in pursuit of sustained, disciplined growth and a better Saskatchewan.

Government's Vision

Government's vision and four goals provide the framework for ministries, agencies and third parties to focus on achieving greater success in the delivery of government services.  The Saskatchewan Plan for Growth - Vision 2020 and Beyond provides the enabling strategies and actions that the Government of Saskatchewan will undertake to build a strong and growing Saskatchewan.  The 2014-15 budget theme of Steady Growth reflects the Government's commitment to achieving the Saskatchewan Plan for Growth.

For more detail on the work that ministries will do to support Government's Direction, see the Ministry Plans for 2014-15.  All plans are available on Finance's website as well as through each ministry website. 

All ministries and agencies will report on progress and results achieved in their 2014-15 annual reports.  This honours Government's commitment to keep its promises and ensures greater transparency and accountability to the people of Saskatchewan.

The ministry plans align with Government's Direction, vision and goals, describe multi-year strategies and actions to support Government's priorities, and provide performance measures to gauge progress.

The plans are designed to be concise, high level frameworks for ministry activities.  They provide a basis for reporting on results, in a more extensive manner, in the annual reports.

Ministers are required by The Executive Government Administration Act to prepare and submit to the legislature annual reports for each agency that he or she is responsible.  Finance's website provides links to the plans and annual reports for executive government ministries and those Crown agencies that follow Finance's guidelines for public reporting.

The Ministry of Finance welcomes your comments and questions on the plans, reports and other information provided on this site.  Please contact Planning, Accountability and Reporting Branch at (306) 787-2572 for more information.

The Provincial Auditor of Saskatchewan undertakes assessments of government's financial and non-financial performance and provides commentary and/or recommendations in public reports.  Chapters that pertain to planning and reporting issues are included as links on this site for ease of reference.

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