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    Saturday, February 17, 2018

The Ministry of Finance administers various provincial taxes and grant and refund programs; arranges government financing and manages the banking, investment and public debt functions; provides financial and policy analysis to the Treasury Board and Cabinet; develops tax policy alternatives; provides economic forecasting and economic and social statistical data; annually produces the Budget Speech; assists the government and legislature with the responsibility of managing and accounting for public monies including producing The Public Accounts and, manages the government's various pension and benefit plans.

Each year the provincial government prepares a detailed budget to show the government's plan for spending and raising money.

Provides information on Saskatchewan Finance, our mandate and our operations. 

All of Saskatchewan Finance's programs and services in one spot.  If you know what you're looking for, you'll find it quickly here! 

The provincial government collects taxes to pay for public programs and services; find out about the personal and corporate taxes collected in Saskatchewan. 

The Revenue Division of Saskatchewan Finance prepares a number of information bulletins and forms about the taxes and programs administered.

Tax Refunds may be claimed by completing and submitting the appropriate form below, along with supporting documentation such as copies of invoices and other relevant documents. Only the person who paid the tax is eligible for a refund.

Search for answers to some of Saskatchewan Finance's most common questions.

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The Planning, Accountability and Reporting Branch (formerly Performance Management Branch) supports planning and reporting efforts across government.

Online access to all Saskatchewan Finance documents and publications.  Use the search feature or browse by subject or the program name.

Saskatchewan Finance is committed to providing convenient electronic service options - you can find our electronic tax services here. 

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Budget 2016-17 includes over $3.5 billion in capital investment, including Crown corporation and core Government capital, the largest single-year budget for infrastructure in the province’s history.

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