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          Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Connecting to the future is about giving Saskatchewan people the tools to plug-in, participate, communicate and compete.

The 2001-02 Budget invests in education, transportation and technology – the foundation of our plan to connect Saskatchewan to the future.

This Budget makes the largest investment ever in education, post-secondary education and skills training – $1.1 billion...

  • school operating grants – up $40.8 million to attract and retain the best teachers
  • 21 new elementary and 21 new secondary community schools in rural and urban  Saskatchewan
  • high-speed Internet access for schools across the province
  • a virtual Saskatchewan Campus connecting young and adult learners to a world of opportunity
  • improved interest relief and debt reduction for student loans and increased tax credit amounts for post-secondary students
  • 1,500 new summer student jobs for a total of 2,200 jobs
  • 325 new Centennial scholarships for post-secondary students

This Budget launches an historic three-year, $950 million investment in roads and highways to...

  • twin the western portion of Highway 1 by 2004 – four years ahead of schedule
  • upgrade primary pavements to a 20 year life cycle and regional pavements to a 25 year life cycle
  • upgrade 800 km of the province’s thin membrane surface highways to pavement over three years
  • identify and improve major trade corridors
  • create hundreds of new jobs across the province

This Budget connects Saskatchewan people and communities to one another, to new opportunities and to the future through new investments in information technology.

With CommunityNet, Saskatchewan will be a leader in establishing high-speed broadband Internet access across the province. CommunityNet will set in motion a new world of online
education, health and other public services. CommunityNet will provide talented young workers and entrepreneurs with the latest technologies, making Saskatchewan a more dynamic, attractive place to live, work and do business.

Connecting to the future is also about simple, fair, competitive taxes to support opportunity and growth...

  • corporation income tax rate for small business cut from 8 per cent to 6 per cent effective July 1, 2001
  • annual income threshold for the application of the small business rate increased from $200,000 to $300,000 effective January 1, 2002
  • increased personal tax credit amounts for post-secondary education, persons with disabilities and caregivers
  • fully indexed personal tax credit amounts for seniors, persons with disabilities, caregivers and medical expenses
  • new provincial tax credits for families with children and for seniors increased in 2002
  • personal income tax rates reduced again in 20020

“The measures introduced in this Budget build on Saskatchewan’s plan for growth and opportunity by investing in education and training, building our transportation infrastructure and promoting full participation in the new economy.”

2001-02 Budget Connects Saskatchewan People to the Future

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