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        Wednesday, May 25, 2016

I am pleased to table the 2004-05 Budget and supporting documents for public review
and discussion.

This document provides more than just budget numbers. It includes comprehensive reports
on both our fiscal and economic outlook, which forms the context and foundation for the
2004-05 Budget. I would like to point out two sections that are particularly relevant in this
year’s Budget. First, a technical paper that discusses federal transfers, one of our most
challenging issues. Secondly, a section that examines health care funding. Health care
represents our most rapidly growing expenditure area. This section of the report outlines
how this money is being spent and the ongoing funding needs required to maintain the
current health system.

I also encourage you to review the government-wide performance plan summary that sets out the broad vision and goals for government Ministry's. Individual plans, with detailed goals and objectives, are also available on each Ministry's website. These performance plans are one further step in our ongoing commitment to improving accountability of this Government to the people of Saskatchewan.

It is my hope that the material found in these documents will help create a solid understanding of our economy, our finances, and Saskatchewan’s future.

Harry Van Mulligan
Minister of Finance

2004/2005 Budget Faces Fiscal Realities Head On

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