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    Saturday, February 17, 2018

The Ministry of Finance administers various provincial taxes and grant and refund programs; arranges government financing and manages banking, investment and public debt functions; provides financial and policy analysis to Treasury Board and Cabinet; develops tax policy alternatives; provides economic forecasting and economic and social statistical data; annually produces the Provincial Budget; assists the government and legislature with the responsibility of managing and accounting for public monies including producing the Public Accounts; and manages the government's various pension and benefit plans.

The Ministry’s mandate is to manage the financing, revenue and expenses of the Government in order to enhance the fiscal strength of the Province.

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This division of the Ministry of Finance develops and analyses revenue, expenditure, economic, and compensation policies to assist Treasury Board and Cabinet in developing and implementing the Government’s fiscal plan.

The Corporate Services Division provides financial, information technology, planning and legislative support and services to the Ministry of Finance.

This division of the Ministry of Finance remits payments for the Provincial Disaster Assistance Program, implementation of guarantees, interest on tax overpayments, unforeseen and unprovided for expenditures, bonding of public officials, and allowance for doubtful accounts.

The Office of Planning, Performance and Improvement (OPPI) provides planning, improvement and reporting standards and practices for ministries, agencies and Treasury Board Crowns.

The Personnel Policy Secretariat provides support and advice to the Cabinet Committee on Public Sector Compensation, client employers and Government Ministry's.

This division of the Ministry of Finance develops and maintains the government-wide revenue and expense system and prepares and publishes the Public Accounts.

PEBA administers a wide range of pension and benefits plans for public sector employees including executive government, Crown corporations and government funded bodies. 

This division of the Ministry of Finance provides for the management of certain provincial tax and refund programs.

This division of the Ministry of Finance provides for the management of the provincial debt and an investment management service for various funds administered by the Government, Crown corporations, and other government agencies.

The Ministry Plan for 2017-18 demonstrates how the Ministry aligns with Government's vision and goals and presents a high level framework for the Ministry of Finance's activities in 2017-18. Contained in this plan are the strategies and actions that will be pursued in the upcoming year, measures to gauge progress and a financial summary.

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