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       Friday, January 19, 2018


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Acrobat Reader

To view the many files that make up the Financial Administration Manual (FAM), you will need Acrobat Reader installed on your computer. If you've ever viewed an Acrobat file (PDF) in your web browser, then Acrobat Reader is already installed properly.

If you need to install Acrobat Reader, contact your systems support staff. They will tell you how to proceed.


Maximizing screen size  

When reading FAM on-line on your computer screen, a good portion of your monitor is taken up by tool and menu bars. You can temporarily hide many of these with a simple keyboard command. Use it once and the extra menus disappear; use it a second time and they reappear.

In the current versions of Internet Explorer and Netscape Navigator, this keyboard command is F11 (or under View, choose Full Screen and to close click the middle box at the top right of your screen).


Viewing Acrobat files in your web browser 

When viewing FAM PDFs in your web browser, an Acrobat tool bar is added to your screen. The following graphic highlights some commonly used features of this Acrobat tool bar.


Tips for using this site 


Print Acrobat files

When you install Acrobat Reader, it is preset to slightly reduce the size of pages as they are printed. You should ensure "Page Scaling" reads "None".




Getting a printed copy of FAM  

This manual is designed to work best on-line. FAM on-line:

  • will always be up-to-date;
  • has a built-in search engine; and
  • has many links to additional useful information.

If you want a printed copy of the entire manual, go to the download page where the 150+ files that make up FAM have been combined into three files for downloading and printing. Individual sections of FAM can be printed as you are browsing FAM.


Printing the latest FAM Update 

Users can print the latest FAM update.  To do this, from the FAM homepage click on the words "Recent manual updates".  From this page, you can connect to a description of the update by clicking on the words "Record of Revisions" and then clicking on the most recent update.  To print the sections of the latest update, scroll down the update page to "Filing Instructions for Printed Copies", click to link to each section, and then print the section.   


Keeping your copy of FAM up-to-date 

This site provides ways to keep you current:


Navigating FAM 

The FAM homepage provides access to the Manual and other useful information.  


From the FAM home page, click:

  • on words "Financial Administration Manual" to link to the Table of Contents and from that page, click on the individual FAM sections and appendices to link to them;
  • on "Home" on the breadcrumbs line to link to the Ministry of Finance home page (the breadcrumbs line is located on the left side under the banner towards the top of the page);
  • on the Coat of Arms or the words "Government of Saskatchewan" at the top left of the page to link to the Government home page;
  • on the Subscribe button to be notified by email of future updates to the Financial Administration Manual.
  The FAM home page provides access to other useful information: 
  • "About this manual" outlines the purpose and authority for the Manual.  It provides an overview of the four parts of the Manual and describes the Appendices.
  • "Tips for using this site" provides tips for the user on viewing, printing and navigating FAM. 
  • "Recent manual updates" is where you can access descriptions of the content changes.
  • "Contact the authors" creates an email that enables users to send questions, comments or suggestions to us.
  • "Want to print a section?" explains that you can print any section as you are browsing the Manual or if you want to print the entire manual, it can be printed using the three downloads to expedite the process. 
  • "Frequently asked questions" provides answers to some potential questions.  For example, under "Which policies apply to my organization?" a description of the applicability of policies is provided.
  Searching FAM Contents 
  A search function is provided on the FAM Contents page. Click the search icon and enter the word(s) you are searching for (Basic Search) or click on "Advanced Search" if you wish to search from that page.  For quick tips to assist in your search (e.g., if two or more words together are required in the search, put quotation marks around the words), from the Basic Search page, click "FAM Search Help".  For more information on the search function, from the Advanced Search page, click "Help?".

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