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       Friday, January 19, 2018

Part II 

   General Revenue Fund and Revolving Funds

  3000 Control of the GRF 

3001 Net Budgeting in the GRF 

3005 Refunds to Vote   

3007 Shared Services 

3008 Shared Grants and Programs 

3010 Application for Remissions 

3015 Revenue Refunds 

3020 Suspense Accounts and Conditional Receipts 

  3100 Payments from the GRF 

3101 GRF Payment Responsibilities 

3105 Imprest Bank Accounts 

3110 Petty Cash and Cash Register Floats 

3112 Petty Cash and Cash Register Float Losses 

3120 Payroll Payments 

3122 Salary Payments for New Employees 

3130 Air Billing Accounts  

3132 Advances to Individuals 

3134 Travel Cards 

3136 Travel Expense Statements 

3142 Timing of Grant Payments 

3150 Timing of Supplier Payments 

3152 Interest on Late Supplier Payments 

3154 Purchase Cards   

3156 Taxes on Goods and Services

3158 Telephone Services 

3160 Mail Services 

3162 Workers' Compensation Board Assessment 

3180 Association Dues and Professional Fees 

3182 Education Expenses 

3186 Garnishments and Demands for Payment 

3188 Payments Due Deceased Persons 

  3200 Establishment and Control of Revolving Funds

3205 Approval of Revolving Funds 

3210 Budget and Control of Revolving Funds 

3215 Financial Reporting Requirements and Accounting Policies for Revolving Funds  

  3300 Holding Money in the GRF 

3305 Holding Money in the GRF through Consolidated Offset Balance Concentration (COBC)  

3310 Holding Money in the GRF (Other MIDAS Entities) 

3315 Terms & Conditions for Moneys Held in the GRF 

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