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      Sunday, December 04, 2016
Minister of Finance

Saskatchewan Finance has made forms available for download in Adobe pdf format. These forms may be printed, filled in and submitted. To view a .pdf file, Adobe Acrobat Reader is required; if you experience problems viewing a document, please upgrade to the most recent version. This program is offered free of charge from Adobe Systems Incorporated and can be downloaded by clicking here

Note: printed returns will not be properly micro-encoded, so they cannot be paid at a bank or other financial institution.

Click on the appropriate link to move to a listing of forms or go directly to the Saskatchewan Publications Centre.

Download and print the Business Consent Form.

Download and print the Direct Deposit Payment Request Form.

Download and print Provincial Sales Tax forms.

Download and print Fuel Tax forms.

Download and print Tobacco Tax forms.

Download and print Liquor Consumption Tax forms.

Download and print Corporation Capital Tax forms.

Download and print Manufacturing & Processing Incentives forms.

Download and print the Beverage Container Program form.

Download and print First Nations Fuel & Tobacco Tax forms.

Download and print SETS forms.

Internal forms for government MIDAS users.

Download and print Insurance Premiums Tax forms.

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Saskatchewan Finance is committed to providing convenient electronic service options - you can find our electronic tax services here. 

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