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    Saturday, February 17, 2018

Since March 30, 2000, First Nations have been given the opportunity to enter into arrangements for the effective removal of the tax on fuel and tobacco purchases made by status Indians on reserves. On-reserve retailers purchase their fuel and tobacco products from their Saskatchewan suppliers on a tax-included basis. However, when these products are sold on reserve to status Indians who present their valid Certificate of Indian Status Identification Card, the products are sold tax-free. To get a refund of the tax, the retailer must submit, to Saskatchewan Finance, the details of their purchases of fuel and tobacco products and sales made to status Indians.

Download and print First Nations Fuel & Tobacco Tax forms.

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This list is used by approved First Nations Retailers to obtain black stock tobacco products. This is a list of all suppliers approved to carry black stock tobacco products for sale to authorized retailers.

This list is used by registered suppliers of black stock tobacco to verify their customers are authorized to purchase black stock tobacco products.

Contact one of these dealers to select and acquire a POS system.

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